Seller Policy

Selling on Ryder Shopping


We are presenting the Ryder Shopping Seller Agreement and related policy guidelines to provide additional information that is necessary to sell successfully on Ryder Shopping. 

Your Seller Account
Things to know

You are only permitted to own one seller account in any location in which you conduct business.

By making your policies clear and comprehensive, you may contribute to the development of client confidence in your business.

The return policies must be at least as accommodating to customers as Ryder Shopping's. 

For further information, please refer to the Customer Service section at the bottom of the page. 

Things to do

Provide the business name that will be displayed on Ryder Shopping. 

Please ensure the business contact information is updated so we can reach you if required.

For payments and settlements, keep credit card and bank account information up-to date.

Provide shipping and return guidelines to encourage client confidence.

Upload your storefront logo, which is of clear quality, to your seller account.

List Products

For a positive consumer experience and great seller success, products must be listed in the appropriate categories and with sufficient information.

Customers on Ryder Shopping anticipate that their orders will be well-packaged and delivered on time.

Product detail pages do not belong to a single seller. The title, picture, and information about the product must be specific to the product itself, not to any other products or sellers. Please ensure that any extra components required for the product's operation are described on the product description page.

Things to avoid
  1. Marketing information, promotions, or any other information that is not descriptive of the product itself (for example, "x% off", marketing messages, seller URL, or seller name in the title, promotional phrases, such as "free shipping", "100% quality guaranteed").
  2. Selecting a category for your product that does not match the existing Amazon browse tree.
  3. HTML code
  5. Symbols (! * $ ?)

Customer Orders
Things to know

The seller should respond and ship out the order within 48 hours. If it exceeds the timeframe, Ryder Shopping has the right to shut down the seller's store and pursue legal responsibility after receiving notice from the system.

Customer Service
Things to know

Within 30 days after delivery, customers may return new, unused products to Ryder Shopping for a full refund. According to the Ryder Shopping Returns Policy, you must accept those returns and issue a reimbursement.

Customers will get all order and shipment confirmation emails from Ryder Shopping; you are not required to send these emails. This is done to prevent confusing or conflicting messaging for the client. Keep in mind that since Ryder Shopping handles most of the communication, selling on Ryder Shopping involves less communication from you to buyers.

Customers from Ryder Shopping may not be marketed to, advertised to, or otherwise enticed away from the Ryder Shopping purchasing process.